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Chassis Service

Habitation Service
Caravan and motorhome

Coupling head and saftey catch

Breakaway cable and clip


ockey wheel

Chassis condition and attachment

Corner steadies

Spare wheel carrier

Road wheels and tyres

Suspension assemblies

Brakes clean and adjust

Road lights

12N and 12S cables and plugs

Bodywork, trims and seals

External door hinges and locks



Gas system, pipework and regulator

Ventilation, rooflights, flutes etc

Cooker, hob and grill

Water heater and space heater


Water system, pump and taps

Electrics 240v and 12v

Toilet flush, seal and pump

Floor delamination

Window seals, stays and catches

Flyscreens and blinds

Door locks, hinges and catches

Fire extinguisher and smoke alarm

Full damp report 

The annual service includes all items
listed in the chassis and habitation services.

Pre Purchase Inspections

Visual inspection of chassis condition

Road lights, cables and plugs

Wheels, tyres and brakes

Visual inspection of all appliances

Gas system basic check

Visual inspection of bodywork and floor

Damp check with written report