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The MCEA Quality Standard "QS" Scheme.


The MCEA Quality Standard Scheme has been devised to ensure it's members
meet the very highest standards in caravan servicing and maintenance.
Each member who attains "QS" status has followed a series of rigorous procedures to
guarantee that the quality of their work is as high as the MCEA expects.

Why launch a Quality Standard Scheme?

To demonstrate that an MCEA member can offer the highest servicing standard
possible to the caravanning public.

What are the aims of the scheme?

  1. To establish an industry standard level of workmanship across MCEA members, within the area of "touring caravan and motor caravan (habitation) service and repair".
  2. To monitor and asses an MCEA member's performance to ensure their compliance to the "QS" standard.
  3. To identify any areas of further training for an MCEA member, to ensure that they stay at the cutting edge of caravan servicing industry standards.
  4. To ensure that an MCEA member can offer a demonstratable quality and competence standard to the caravanning public on engagement of their services.

What can you, the public, expect when engaging a member of the “QS” register?

  • To operate the highest standard of caravan servicing
  • To have the necessary Public Liability Insurances in place
  • To be a fully paid up member of the MCEA
  • To have at your request proof of any certification of any qualification they claim
  • Each member is assessed for their level of performance to ensure they are meeting the minimum requirements required by the MCEA "QS" standard. Ongoing annual appraisals are conducted to ensure maintenance of the high level of service expected.
  • Each member fully supports the customers entitlement to be happy with the workmanship provided and as such promotes the use of the MCEA customer complaints procedure, as detailed by the Association and available upon request